June 2014

Dear Members:

As summer approaches, I hope you are planning vacations or just time to relax in the garden. If anyone is visiting a special place with flora and foliage, please submit photos to Ann Long for our website/Facebook. My garden gal pals (Gloria, June & Lynda) are going to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek to celebrate June’s birthday. A little, warm weather day trip! Remember that instead of the garden tour, the club will take a field trip on Saturday, June 21, to Annie’s Annuals in Richmond. Car pools will be arranged at this month’s meeting. Call Dorene if you want to go on the outing but won’t be at our June meeting. We learned there are picnic tables for us to use at Annie’s and we will get deli sandwiches from Colombo’s to take. We can eat lunch first and then shop at the nursery. (This is now subject to change.) I suggest you check out Annie’s website and have a plant shopping/wish list. WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING ABOUT ANNIE’S ANNUALS:”There is no better nursery in California! Annie has a tremendous amount of plants, many really hard to find plants and they are all home grown or sown. Without this nursery, my garden would look very drab, especially in winter, when nobody else grows plants that will bloom or be green otherwise.” – C.C. via Yelp.”This is a gardener’s mecca, heaven, paradise, holy land sort of in the middle of nowhere. Love that it’s super kid-friendly, too, with toys to keep active toddlers engaged while you peruse. Lots of hard-to-find plants and really knowledgeable staff. There are also family-friendly events I have yet to attend that seem fun.” – Kimi via Yelp.

Michael has arranged a speaker for June and I have a speaker line up for August. For the September meeting I asked Charlotte to tell us about her participation in the garden show in Ireland that she’s attending (plus some travel in Scotland). Remember in July we will have our social at the Pinelli’s.While it is unfortunate that we won’t have a garden tour this year, I do feel we made the right decision and appreciate everyone’s support and work done to date. We will continue to pursue quality gardens for 2015. Keep a lookout!

Yours in gardening friendship,


~Updates on our Members~

We are glad to report that our members who suffered serious falls or had surgery over the last two months are now on the mend! Enid Emde who broke her neck in a fall in her garden is doing great. She sent her helper home last week because she can now do most everything & doesn’t need any more help. She is even watering & weeding her garden! She should get her neck brace off on June 20th then she will be all well again. Wow! She is amazing! We look forward to seeing you “back in action” again, Enid!

Shane Looper fell and broke her arm/shoulder about 6 weeks ago. She had to wait to have surgery which was delayed by other circumstances. Hopefully, she has had it by now. Once surgery is completed, she will have rehabilitation for a few weeks & hopefully will be all well after that. She is SO ready for all of this to be over & for her life to move on. She is really hampered by not being able to use her arm. Her neighbors are doing a lot for her & have been very good about helping with groceries, etc. Let’s keep her in our thoughts and send her lots of healing vibes. Get better soon, Shane. We miss you.

Joanne Wynne had her hip surgery and she’s moving around quite well. Karen visited her and said it nice to sit in her backyard and talk. Joanne continues to be our correspondence secretary and has mailed letters to all the prospective gardens the committee had looked at informing that this year’s tour is cancelled. A big thanks for doing this!


Looking for Docents

The SF Conservatory of Flowers is in need of docents to give tours to children or adults. Their comprehensive training program will be held in August and September.

Here is a link to the website and the volunteer flier.
Erika Frank
Director of Volunteers and Education
San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers
(415) 637-4326

Garden Club’s June Meeting Program:
Speaker: Mike Pettinari

Master Gardener Mike Pettinari will speak at the June 11th meeting at 7 pm.  He will talk about the Master Gardeners Research at Elkus Ranch.  Located on the coast near Half Moon Bay, Elkus Ranch  Environmental Education Center provides unique hands-on-learning experiences for Bay Area children.  Livestock, gardens, and open space create unique learning experiences.  We hope you will come and learn more about their program. Invite your interested friends and neighbors, too.  


Dates to Remember~

San Mateo County Fair – June 7th thru June 20th
See the birdhouse that was so cleverly made by our own Enid Emde. It’s part of the California Garden Clubs, Bay-Ocean Division display/booth.

Noe Valley Secret Garden Tour – http://friendsofnoevalley.com/
The Noe Valley Secret garden tour is this Sat., June 7th from 10a-4pm. You can purchase tickets online at www.friendsofnoevalley.com or at 3929 Cesar Chavez near Church St., (a Master Gardener garden) one of the gardens on the tour – it is billed as a “found objects” garden
There are 11 gardens on tour.  All are walkable.
Tickets and maps of all gardens are for sale at the volunteer table right outside 3929 Cesar Chavez (yellow Victorian home) and also right around the corner at Independent Nature Nursery at 1504 Church St.

 Pacifica Beach Coalition: “Meet, Greet,and Share Earth Day Magic” with your fellow Earth Heroes from Across Pacifica (and beyond)!
Saturday, June 7th, 2.00 – 5.00 pm, St Edmund’s Courtyard
1500 Perez Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044
Finger foods or drinks to share are welcome, or just bring yourselves!

Pacifica Garden Club’s Trip to Annie’s Annuals – June 21st. Come to the June Meeting (6/11) to arrange carpooling. Or call Dorene if you cant attend the meeting and want to join up with the group.

Want to Help Nurture Our Coast???

The GGNRA recently donated 2000 plants to the Pacifica Beach Coalition to help with the Linda Mar Beach restoration.  These plants are coastal scrub plants and are not for placement in the dunes.  They are perfect for the area between the bike path and Hwy 1. 
Kathy Kellerman and Lyn Adams are hoping that they can farm these plants out to caretakers between now and the rainy season and not rely on “Go Native Nursery” to donate their resources to care for them for the next 6 months.  They will come in flats which will contain about 25 plants (some racks vary).  They don’t need much attention but will need periodic watering depending on the weather. 
Plant species include – Coyote Bush, Bee plants, and Astors,
If you can help with a rack or two or more, please contact Kathy kkellerm@sonic.net to arrange for a pickup.  They are currently in Pacifica near Sanchez Art Center.  Kathy can help you with instructions for care. 
This is such a great opportunity to learn about our native plants, and we hope that you will want to help get them into their new home before the rains arrive!  


JULY 20th ~ Garden Party at Paula & Mike Pinelli’s

AUGUST Meeting ~ Speaker: Susan Elliot – Garden Design and Handmade Herbal Body Products

SEPTEMBER Meeting ~ Our own Charlotte Masson will tell us about her summer trip to the garden show in Ireland/Scotland.



I think it’s important to keep members up to date regarding our donations to the community. Here are a few recent correspondences the Club received from recipients:
1.  From Oceana High School >> dated April 12, 2014

Thank you for the $150 donation for the Oceana Garden Project.  It has been a productive fall & winter in the garden.  The garden advisory is comprised of 23 juniors & senior who are taking excellent care of the 9 chickens and the vegetable beds.  In the fall we picked strawberries, kale, chard, bok choy, artichokes, herbs, spaghetti squash and potatoes.  The majority of the produce is used in the school’s Food and Nutrition class.  We recently created a fenced-in pasture for the chickens so they will have more space to roam.  We are also preparing to expand the vegetable beds to a new area of the school.  Please contact me if you would like to come visit the garden.. Laurie Hughes, Garden Advisor

2.  From CGCI, Shane Looper, Project Mission Blue Chairman >> dated April 14, 2014

Thank you for your donation of $200 …. CGCI’s five=year long-term project.  …. CGCI has joined forces with the GGNPC to assist the Mission Blue Butterfly.  The Mission Blue Butterfly has declined to less than 25,000 in population and has been on the Federally Endangered Speciies list since 1987 and is only located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  CGCI is raising funds to increase the lupine diversity by propagating and planning pathogen-resistant summer lupine and varied-color lupine throught Golden Gate National Park; and assist in stabilizing the butterfly populations during years of fungal outbreak.  This exciting project is made possible becasue of people like you and the generous contributions you make.

Also included from Shane is a ‘receipt’ from CGCI “Honor Someone Special” for Joan Thompson.  This form was used, along with our check, and sent to CGCI, Emily Wisneski, HONOR BOOK CHARIMAN, 9811 Howland Drive, Temple City, CA 91780-3233. (626) 287-5724.

3. Two certificates from USDA>>> (Penny Pines)

 One from Plumas National Forest (our 5th donation) to help reforest the areas burned during the Chips fire which burned over 75,000 acres in July and August of 2012.  To find out more visit www.fs.fed.us/r5/plumas/ to see pictures & maps.

And another certificate from Lassen National Forest for the same area >> Chips fire area of 2012.  The new plantation site has not been established, so we don’t have a map made for distribution yet.  The District Ranger will determine the actual location according to which site is best suited for a Penny Pines Plantation.  They will send us the information on the new site once it becomes available.  

**Note that $68 covers reforestation of about 1 acre.


“The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends.”
–  Persian Proverb