The Club Installs New Officers for 2015-16

Posted on May 18, 2015

Garden Club Board of Officers for 2015-16


Installation of our new board took place at our last meeting.  Thanks to the Installation Committee (June, Lynda, and Shane) for a creative and fun “ceremony” of introducing our new board!

We welcome the new Board:   Katherine Henwood, President;   Vice Presidents: Charlotte Masson, Madeliene McCormick, Dorene Roy and Betty Wells;  Treasurer: Jill Smith; Co-treasurer: Sharon Lamparter; Recording Secretary: Paula Pinelli and Corresponding Secretary: Floran Kepic.  And we bid farewell and a huge “thank you” to our outgoing president, Karen Kipp.

We’re off for an exciting new year starting with the Gardens By the Sea Tour on June 20th!

Update Jan 2016.

Due to illness, the President’s position has been filled by Charlotte Masson.  Other positions remain the same.